Got Stash? Bust a bit for Evergreen Hospice Services

Evergreen Hospice Services of Kirkland needs some sewers to make a few of the cloth objects they give away to their patients: Dignity Bags to cover catheter bags, Comfort Pillows to support limbs that don’t move well any longer, and Lap Blankets for those who are bed- or chair-bound. These are all easy projects to make from quilter’s cotton, Minky, Polar Fleece, outing flannel, or velour. Colors and prints don’t matter. Anything goes, from somber to wild and crazy. The watch words are “washable” and “soft”. Tender skin can’t take anything scratchy, rough, stiff or too highly textured.

Dignity Bag Instructions

2 – rectangles of soft cotton fabric 15 inches tall and 14 inches wide
2 – one yard pieces of ribbon or cord for double drawstrings (PREWASHED and soft enough that they can be tied and untied with ease)
Sewing machine, iron and thread; bodkin/safety pin to insert drawstrings

  1. Cut two rectangles of fabric. Mark 3 inches down from the top edge.
  2. Right sides together, sew ½ inch wide side seams from this 3” mark to the bottom.
  3. Turn seam allowances to the center on both sides all the way to the top. Press.
  4. Turn the top edge under ¼ inch. Press. Turn under another 1 inch. Press again.
  5. Sew a ½ inch seam across the bottom edge. Turn right sides out.
  6. Sew each casing from side to side.
  7. Insert double drawstrings through the casings—one from the right and the other from the left. Tie a knot at the ends of each drawstring.

Comfort Pillow Instructions

2 – rectangles of soft cloth 8 inches wide and 17 inches long
Polyfill to stuff loosely
Sewing machine, thread, iron

  1. Cut two rectangles of fabric, right sides together.
  2. Sew a ½ inch seam around the outside edges, leaving a 3 inch gap for turning and filling.
  3. Clip the corners and turn right sides out. Press.
  4. Stuff lightly with polyfill or fiberfill. Stitch the gap closed by hand or machine.

Lap Blanket Instructions

Any kind of soft small blanket, quilt or afghan approximately baby or crib size will do. Many folks who make these don’t really sew the blankets—two layers of fleece tied together work just fine, as do knitted or crocheted blankets using scrap yarn.


Carolyn Pauw Barden is the contact person for this project. Please contact her with any questions.

One thought on “Got Stash? Bust a bit for Evergreen Hospice Services

  1. I’d like to work on these Carolyn. Thanks for the instructions. Hopefully I will have something done and ready to pass on to you at the Spring Education Event.

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