Welcome to the new web site!

Yet another web site? But why?! Surely we already have enough of an “Internet presence”…

Indeed! Between the chapter website, the Yahoo group, and the Facebook page, we are definitely taking advantage of modern communication channels. But we recognize some problems with our current tools, and discoverability and usability are often barriers for users. This site is intended to help us scale down (get away from a highly structured web site with two levels of menus) and maybe even simplify (set up forums here instead of on a separate site, for example). Going small should allow us to be more agile, as they say in the tech world, try out different tools and layouts, and make adjustments when something doesn’t work well.

So thanks to all of you who help us on this journey! It’s bound to get frustrating at times, but your thoughtful feedback and assistance can make all the difference in turning this site into something that’s truly useful.

Here we go!!


One thought on “Welcome to the new web site!

  1. Is there a way to “star” or mark a post such that I can find my “star” posts in the future? I used to do this in my email so that I could reference good ideas again in the future but I don’t see that here on the new website.

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