Community Service Chair

This position is an optional CAB position. Community service is a recommended chapter responsibility; information does not need to be submitted to national for compliance/good standing. However, this information is useful for obtaining grants and donations within the community.

The responsibilities of the community service chair and committee include the following:

  • Proposing and planning community service projects for the chapter and presenting them to the CAB for approval. The CAB should approve the plans for chapter-wide community service projects before they are launched, including any expenditure of chapter funds.
  • Helping neighborhood/special interest groups and other chapter members plan projects.
  • Possibly overseeing plans for the projects.
  • Possibly arranging the distribution of completed items to appropriate people and organizations.
  • Collecting statistics from groups doing community service projects within the chapter using the Community Service Tracking form
  • Optional: Filing the Community Service Semi-Annual Report form (see page C-iv ) twice a year with ASG national headquarters