Newsletter Editor

This is one of the four (4) chairmanships that are recommended for the second vice president if the chapter has one. The newsletter editor must understand the Chapter Newsletter Policy.

The responsibilities of the newsletter editor include the following:

  • Planning newsletter production:
    • Chapters shall publish a minimum of four (4) newsletters per year, evenly distributed throughout the year (such as quarterly), as stated in the Chapter Charter and Letter of Agreement. This is a Compliance/Good Standing Policy item.
    • Coordinate newsletter schedule with rest of the CAB to accommodate the election process and major chapter events so that chapter members can get appropriate notice.
    • Develop procedures to produce, print, and distribute the newsletter.
    • Form committee(s) to help with distribution and other tasks, as needed.
  • Conferring frequently with the chapter president and other CAB members to get articles, information, and to allocate newsletter space.
    • Editing all copy for content, length, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Obtaining approval from the chapter president for each issue of a chapter newsletter/publication prior to its printing and/or copying.
  • Ensuring that chapter members’ privacy is protected in the newsletter.
  • Working with the retail liaison to secure advertising for the newsletter.
    • If the retail liaison position is not filled, fulfilling the duties of the retail liaison with respect to obtaining advertising
    • Obtaining suitable copy from advertisers to place in newsletter.
    • Ensuring that paid advertising is only sewing related.
  • Bringing various printing/reproductive services bids to the CAB for approval to obtain the most cost effective printer/reproduction services for the newsletter.
  • Working with the printer through all phases of the printing/copying process
  • Preparing mailing labels as required using the membership files located on the national website.
  • Readying the newsletter for mailing – addressing, stuffing, sorting, getting ready for bulk mailing, etc. Distribution of the newsletter may be handled by a sub-committee.
    • Obtaining and maintaining the bulk-mailing permit, if applicable.
  • Reporting to the CAB after each issue of the newsletter on the cost of printing, cost of mailing, advertising revenue, and the number of copies printed. Collecting this information in a file for future reference.