Neighborhood/Special Interest Group Leader

This is not a CAB position. The position description is included here for the reader’s convenience.

Neighborhood/Special interest group leaders may be selected by common consent of the group, elected by the neighborhood/special interest group, or volunteer, depending on the group and the traditions of the chapter. This position does not have a term limit, except as stated in a particular chapter’s standing rules.

Leadership responsibilities may be shared, and a committee formed within the neighborhood/special interest group as outlined below.

Responsibilities of neighborhood/special interest group leaders include the following:

  • Presiding at neighborhood/special interest group meetings to maximize enjoyment and learning experiences.
    • Guiding the group in planning neighborhood/special interest group programs.
    • Occasionally preseningt a program to the group, as requested.
    • Involving guests and new members in the meeting and the ASG.
    • Handling group dynamics to allow all members to be heard, to be shown respect, and to enjoy the meeting.
    • Being responsible for the logistics of the meeting, such as meeting location, with help from the whole group.
  • Being responsible for the group’s petty cash fund, if it has one.
  • Functioning as the liaison between the neighborhood/special interest group and the CAB, through the neighborhood.special interest group coordinator, if the chapter has filled this position.
    • Attending the neighborhood/special interest group leaders’ meetings.
    • Submitting information concerning the neighborhood/special interest group’s activities and schedule to the newsletter editor in a timely manner.
    • Announcing chapter functions at each meeting and encouraging participation in chapter events and leadership.
  • Serving as an ASG contact person for interested new members and guests.
  • Maintaining and update lists of current neighborhood/special interest group attendees and providing these lists to the next group leaders.
  • Forming committees within the neighborhood/special interest group, as needed, to:
    • Form carpools for chapter events or neighborhood/special interest group meetings.
    • Secure publicity for neighborhood/special interest group meetings in local mass media and retail stores.
    • Organize refreshments if requested.
    • Plan and work on neighborhood/special interest group community service projects.