Chapter President

A chapter president is one of the three (3) elected and required positions on the Chapter Advisory Board (CAB). This person serves as the official representative and presiding officer of the chapter and has the overall responsibility to keep it running efficiently and effectively for the good of all chapter members and the ASG organization.

The responsibilities of a chapter president are the following:

  • Act as the primary link between the chapter, ASG national headquarters, and other chapters.
  • Ensure the good reputation of the chapter by keeping the chapter in compliance/good standing.
  • Provide all CAB members with job descriptions and ASG website Leadership Only area access (password and username).
  • Preside at all chapter meetings and CAB meetings, including:
    • Preparing and distributing a detailed agenda in advance of each CAB meeting.
    • Arranging for another presiding officer for CAB meetings in her/his absence, asking, in order, the first vice president, the second vice president (if the chapter has these officers), the treasurer and then the secretary.
    • Proofing, reviewing, and approving the minutes before they are distributed to the rest of the CAB for approval.
    • Initiating and supervising, with the assistance of the CAB, the planning and implementation of chapter business, programs, and projects.
    • Setting the tone at chapter events appropriate to the occasion.
  • Exercise financial responsibility for the chapter, including:
    • Reviewing finances with the treasurer via the monthly treasurer’s report.
    • Signing the signature card for all chapter bank accounts.
    • Signing chapter checks, as required.
    • Working with the treasurer to develop the annual budget and submitting it to the CAB for approval.
    • Ensuring that all chapter financial reports are submitted to headquarters on time.
    • Signing all contracts.
    • Initiating steps, with the rest of the CAB, to decrease expenses or increase income if the chapter is facing financial difficulties.
    • Informing neighborhood/special interest group leaders of financial policies and working with them to ensure chapter financial goals are met and procedures followed.
  • Encourage participation of chapter members in running the chapter:
    • Work with the rest of the CAB to identify and appoint committee chairs.
    • Serve as an ex-officio member of each committee established by the CAB.
    • Ask and encourage chapter members with skills to chair or join committees and run for CAB positions
  • Ensure good communications occur, by:
    • Writing a column for each issue of the newsletter.
    • Proofreading and giving final approval to the chapter’s newsletters, chapter website, and publicity.
    • Sharing information about announcements, events, activities, programs, and services that come from other ASG chapters or from headquarters with the CAB and chapter members via the newsletter, neighborhood/special interest group meetings, monthly general meetings, email messages, or the website of the chapter.
    • Sharing chapter news with directors, headquarters, other presidents via the Chapter Presidents Discussion List, and/or the Notions staff.
  • Represent the chapter, including:
    • Speaking for the chapter, for example, in answering questions to the chapter from ASG national headquarters or responding to newspaper reporters.
    • Appearing at community events, if asked.
    • Attending the ASG national conference, if possible.
    • Casting the corporate vote for the chapter in any matters brought before the corporation at the Annual Meeting of Corporate Members, if the chapter is chartered and in compliance/good standing.
  • Call special meetings of the CAB, its committees, or the general membership when necessary.
  • Encourage constant outreach to the community so that others may enjoy the benefits of ASG membership.
  • Work with the treasurer to file the CAB/Banking Information Form with ASG national headquarters. File the same form each and every time one of the three (3) required CAB members or newsletter editor changes (see page C-v for the CAB/Banking Information Form)

The president shall not chair the nominating committee for annual elections.

The president is the chief representative of the chapter at the ASG Annual Meeting of Corporate Members. As the only chapter representative eligible to cast the chapter’s vote, it is strongly suggested that the chapter budget funds for the president to attend. The chapter’s finances will determine the extent to which the chapter may be able to cover the cost of attendance.