Special Events Chair

This is one of the four (4) chairmanships that are recommended for the second vice president if the chapter has one.

The special events chair and committee work with the education (program) chair and committee to present fun and educational opportunities that meet the needs of chapter members. The special events chair and committee usually have responsibility for those events that are not regular chapter programs/meetings. The division of duties between the special events chair and the education (program) chair is at the discretion of the CAB.

The responsibilities of the special events chair and committee include the following:

  • Developing preliminary plans for an event and recommending to the CAB for approval.
  • Using the Program Production Budget Form on page C-xii first to plan the event and then to budget for the event once more details are known.
  • Developing detailed plans for the event and developing a budget, including:
    • Arranging for facility/locations.
    • Securing speakers and making their travel and hotel arrangements.
    • Making arrangements for other facilities, food, equipment, and personnel, as required.
    • Working with the publicity chair to develop publicity for the event.
    • Enlisting help from chapter members for the event, as required.
    • Implement the plans for the event.
  • If paying an individual (such as the speaker or a caterer) $600 or more, providing information needed by the treasurer to file Form 1099-MISC.
  • Evaluating the success of each event and determining final costs, profits, attendance figures, and suggestions for improvements. Reporting this information at the next CAB meeting for the minutes and placing the information in the files for future reference.