Sewing With Sunbrella

I recently had the hare-brained impulse to make some new window seat cushion covers for my living room. Since these cushions get more than the normal amount of UV exposure, I decided Sunbrella was the best option for the coverings.

Well, I am just going to tell you that if you get the urge to sew with Sunbrella, lie down until the feeling passes. Sheesh! What a royal pain. It ravels like crazy. It feels plasticy/rubbery in your hands while working with it. Two layers are very difficult to control and do not feed evenly, resulting in the dreaded mismatch at the end of a long seam. (And a walking foot isn’t possible on the seams with piping!) All in all, I hated the process of sewing those blasted things. Oh, and did I mention I am not a big home dec sewing fan to begin with? Ugh. Double ugh.

I consider myself a pretty experienced sewist, capable of handling most sewing challenges, but this project kicked my butt. I am definitely not proud of my work, but the one thing that can be said is they are finished and   the cushions are in place in the living room. I am definitely going to live with them for a while, only because the thought of re-doing them is unbearable. I should take bets on how long they last before I sew up new ones. Twenty years? 😊

Have you ever sewn with Sunbrella? What is your least favorite sewing project?

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

2 thoughts on “Sewing With Sunbrella

  1. Your cushions look lovely, so from my perspective, a success. Thanks for warning us away from similar frustration.

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