Spring Fling 2017

This year’s spring educational event will feature four of our chapter’s local sewers:

  • Maris Olsen will be presenting “Tell Me More About Textiles”. Every textile has different properties, advantages, disadvantages, and laundering requirements, and all of these factors impact garment making and care. In this brief discussion about textiles, we will barely scratch the surface of the complex and deep subject of textiles. We will conduct fiber tests, too!
  • Judith Rickard will be presenting “Padding Out a Dress Form”. A dress form is a useful tool both for constructing garments and design. The problem is getting one to fit all your curves and “scallops”. Custom made forms are expensive and can’t be easily altered, and duct/paper tape forms collapse over time. In this presentation and demo, Judith will show you how to use an inexpensive adjustable form that you can “build and pad” to look just like you! Other than the dress form, this method’s supplies are simple – a bra and undies, batting and fiberfill, some bandaging from the drug store, and a few simple tools. The best thing about learning this method is that you can change your dress form to reflect any changes in your body!
  • Carolyn Barden will be presenting “Embellishments”. Minimalism is great if that is your “thing”, but plain fabric can also be plain boring! There are so many ways of adding interest to a piece of cloth. We will explore embroidery, beading, appliqué, texture through ruching and pleating manipulation …a whole world of ideas that can make your projects more personal and more fabulous. Some of the garments she will show you are new, some come from her archives, but I promise you that they aren’t plain!
  • Kate Stenberg will be presenting “Draping”. So you have a dress form, now what? Will it be an expensive clothes hanger or useful fitting tool? See how to drape a basic block and a unique design.

Come join us for a fun-filled morning! Location is St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 8398 NE 12th St, Medina, WA 98039.

Coffee and snacks will be provided.

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