About the Greater Seattle ASG chapter

Do you have sewing friends? We’re happy to say we have ~275 sewing friends in and around Seattle and the Greater Eastside. We have many events, meetings, and learning opportunities for members. Be sure to check out the calendar on the home page, and join us real soon!

We’re an all-volunteer club, with an active board. Our Chapter Advisory Board meets most third Thursdays in Bellevue. Contact us if you’d like to volunteer or visit a meeting.

2017 Chapter Advisory Board (CAB)

President Maris Olsen president@seattleasg.org
Secretary Susan Chesney secretary@seattleasg.org
Treasurer Pia Fish treasurer@seattleasg.org
Community Service Claudia Smith communityservice@seattleasg.org
Education Events Betsy Rogers edu_events@seattleasg.org
Historian/Member at Large Fran Daoust historian@seattleasg.org
Membership Melissa Watters membership@seattleasg.org
NG/SIG Coordinator Melissa Watters ngcoordinator@seattleasg.org
Newsletter Editor Ren Roche newsletter@seattleasg.org
Publicity Martha Aitken publicity@seattleasg.org
Retail Liaison Claudia Smith retail@seattleasg.org
Special Events Andrea Joondeph events@seattleasg.org
Webmaster Tami Fosmark webmaster@seattleasg.org

Community Service

Community service is an important part of the ASG mission. Our chapter does charity mending for the Ronald McDonald House as an ongoing community service project, but there are many other opportunities to share your sewing talent for the community at large.

Get Credit! Whenever you work on an ASG Community Service Project, please record your efforts and send to our Community Service Chair. We report our hours to ASG national headquarters twice a year so they can track our chapter’s efforts.


Members, read all about it! Our chapter newsletter is Sew Crazy. Learn about upcoming events, what went on at a recent event, and generally get motivated to sew more!

Yahoo! Group

Members, have you tapped into the resources available by accessing our Seattle ASG Yahoo! group? The message board provides a great way to hear what’s happening in our chapter. Fabric sales, new classes and new events are all topics you’ll see posted by members. Access information was provided when you became a member. You have several options to control how frequently you receive messages. Need help signing up or changing your options? E-mail our Membership Chair at membership@seattleasg.org.


We get together in person, too! Check out any of our Neighborhood and Special Interest Groups.