Newsletter Editor

Kathy Ives

The newsletter editor must understand the Chapter Newsletter Policy.

The responsibilities of the newsletter editor include the following:

  • Planning newsletter production:
  • Chapters shall publish a minimum of four (4) newsletters per year, evenly distributed throughout the year (such as quarterly), as stated in the Chapter Charter and Letter of Agreement. This is a Compliance/Good Standing Policy item.
  • Coordinate newsletter schedule with rest of the CAB to accommodate the election process and major chapter events so that chapter members can get appropriate notice.
  • Conferring frequently with the chapter president and other CAB members to get articles, information, and to allocate newsletter space.
  • Editing all copy for content, length, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Obtaining approval from the chapter president for each issue of a chapter newsletter/publication.
  • Ensuring that chapter members’ privacy is protected in the newsletter.
  • Working with the retail liaison to secure advertising for the newsletter.
  • If the retail liaison position is not filled, fulfilling the duties of the retail liaison with respect to obtaining advertising
  • Obtaining suitable copy from advertisers to place in newsletter.
  • Ensuring that paid advertising is only sewing related.