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      Rain, rain–go away.  I am protected by quilted nylon taffeta and you can’t get me!

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      Gorgeous! I love how this adds a little structure but not too much.

      Did you add the sashiko after garment construction or before? How did you come up with your design?


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      I drew the quilting design on the fabric, along with the stitching lines of the coat pieces, and quilted most of it before I cut it out and joined the seams.  The batting is cotton outing flannel used as a flatlining.  The motifs are traditional Japanese blossoms, coupled with a variety of geometrics.  The inside is fully lined so nothing of the workings ever show.  I joined the lining and the coat with a wide bias binding, which does not show in this picture.

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      The quilting is just beautiful!

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      Beautiful.  It’s YOU!


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      Judy Powell

      I know this is an older post but I have to know where you found that fabric. It’s beautiful and your work is exquisite.


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