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      Hi All. My sister was planning to attend Expo on Thursday & Friday, but her husband had a major health issue and she won’t be going. She has several class tickets available. If you’re interested in any, please let me know as soon as possible and I will mail or scan to you.
      Two admittance tickets, $15 each, good any day.
      8 am, 3036, Serge a Sweatshirt top, 3- needle class with Pamela Leggett, $60
      10:30 am, 1037, Create Reversible Bucket Hats, $15

      8 am, 3007, Elegant Narrow Finished Facings, $60
      11 am, 3037, Jean’s Techniques, $60
      3:30, 1031, All Things Jeans, $15

      There’s more info about each class on sewexpo.com and the 3-needle classes may also have a kit fee.
      Hope someone can use these!

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      All Gone!  Thanks everyone.

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