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      An interesting question came up at Saturday’s Seattle ASG’s Zoom Group meeting. We talked about tracking the patterns we have and how to have the details accessible on an app or somehow via a cellphone when we’re in a fabric store, see a fabric that interests us, and we want to look up recommended fabric and yardage needed for a project. Any suggestions?
      (this question also added to the Greater Seattle ASG Facebook page).

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      Hi.  Here is the sharing on the topic from the same post added to the chapter’ closed Facebook group:

      Sewing Patterns app
      “I paid for the full version vs Sewing Patterns Lite”
      search your phone’s App store to find it

      “There are other databases out there, but this is the one I’ve used. I track all my fabric, the content ,yardage And what pattern I plan to use it with. Another table is for patterns, which includes the pictures with the amount and types of fabric required. The two tables can be linked together. The database is easy to use.”

      Stash Hub has a phone app.  Also heard good things about Backstitch, but the app is still in Beta and you need a beta invite to use it right now.”

      “I use Trello and I add screenshots of the pertinent pages of the pattern.”

      “Someone (thank you) at Zoom group’s 2/10 meeting listed a YouTube video which I watched.  The creator uses Trello and it looks pretty great.  She uses it for both patterns, including photos, line drawings, measurements & fabric requirements, as well as her fabrics. I may look into using it myself.”

      “The two other more popular databases people use are Trello and Excel.  They are both used more than AirTable.  I should look into Trello because it is so popular and I don’t know much about it.”


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      Am adding more information here. This is a description of a class next week at Sew Expo in Puyallup.  Maybe someone is taking this class and can share about it?   I’ll also add a short post to the ASG closed Facebook group post there too.

      Class #1038
      Seamlessly Organize Your
      Sewing Patterns with Trello
      Ed Donahue
      FRI, 3/1, 9:30 – 10:15 AM ($17)
      SUN, 3/3, 10:30 – 11:15 AM ($17)

      Are you ready to unlock the secrets of
      efficient sewing pattern management? Join
      us for a captivating class that will introduce
      you to the world of Trello, a versatile and free organizational platform.
      Get ready to be inspired as we show the possibilities of Trello in
      the realm of sewing!

      Discover the Power of Trello: Learn how this free platform can digitally
      revolutionize the way you manage your treasured sewing patterns.
      Inspiring Examples at Your Fingertips: Get inspired as we showcase
      several examples of Trello boards specifically tailored to organize
      sewing patterns. Witness the transformation as differently set up
      Trello boards breathe life into your sewing projects.

      What You’ll Experience: A whirlwind introduction to Trello’s interface.
      A firsthand look at how Trello can be your sewing patterns’ best
      friend. This class is your gateway to a more organized and inspired
      sewing journey. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned seamstress,
      this introduction to Trello will ignite your passion for sewing pattern
      organization and open doors to a world of creative possibilities.
      Don’t miss out on this opportunity to digitally revolutionize the way
      you manage your sewing patterns. Register now, and let Trello be
      the tool that elevates your sewing organization to a whole new level!

      Novice.  No prior knowledge or skills required

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      Here’s another post added to the Chapter’s private Facebook group page:

      “I take a photo of the pattern back and front and put it into a folder in my OneDrive account. I can access it from any device, and don’t have to type in details. I don’t do this for all patterns (although I could!), just the ones I’m currently fabric shopping for.”

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      I use Evernote to track my fabric. I either take a photo of the actual fabric or copy it from the website. I also include all pertinent info (e.g., yardage and fabric width, care instructions, contents, pattern ideas…). I tag the entry to denote color family, content, woven, knit, where I purchased it, yardage (e.g., 0-1 yds; 1+-2yds)… Anything I can think of that might help me in a search. It has saved me more than once from buying the almost identical fabric to something I already have.

      I use One Note for my patterns. My patterns are divided by type (Knit Tops, Woven Tops, Pants, Skirts, etc.). Each page contains a photo of the pattern (front and back). I plan to switch over to Evernote but haven’t done it yet. The task seems daunting.

      I started this before there were pattern/fabric specific apps for sewists. I’m not sure I want to go through all the work to transfer everything but might investigate some of the other options now available. They sound interesting.

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