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      Hi creative problem solvers. I am making a wedding jumpsuit for my daughter out of a very lightweight and fine silk that won’t tolerate a lot of trys at making this work.

      My problem is that she wants the top to blouse over the pants but the weight of the pants (and the linings) pulls the top down. I put some grosgrain ribbon along the inside seam but initial try didn’t work (maybe I need to make it tighter) and am considering elastic but think that won’t be strong enough either.  At this point we are just considering outside thin ribbon that fastens very tightly. The other issue that I think is affecting this is that she wants the waistline a little higher than her natural waist so there is a tendency for it to want to slide lower.

      Any thoughts? Thanks!!

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      A grosgrain waist stay inside will help–but what about adding vertical stays hanging from the shoulders like suspenders to pull the waist stay upwards?  Or do a complete shortened bodice lining under the top layer that would hold up the pants as well as blouse the top.  Dior used to do that kind of thing a lot.

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      Great ideas. I may try them both. I will let you know!

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        The smaller bodice lining was the answer. Using the bodice muslin to dress the dog was the easy answer to that.



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