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      Made from an out of print Vogue pattern 2232, Geoffrey Beene (designer).  Made of Kantha cloth a fabric made in India . . 2 pieces of cotton fabric hand sewn together vertically.  Usually on 10 -12 yards made at a time.  Once put together it is then usually overdyed.

       I wanted to emphasize the seams so I sewed bias binding on the inside when sewing the seam, turned it to the right side and then hand sewed the bias binding over the exposed seam.  A reverse of a French seam that is usually on the inside of a garment.  Decided I did not want to put seam binding on the sleeve seam so I took some leftover fabric apart, made my own binding and finished the inside sleeve seam with it.

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      I might steal this one–if it goes around me…


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      The colors are striking and great for the holiday season!  And, the piping really draws in one’s attention. Enjoy wearing it!

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