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      Hello!  I’m a new member and I’m a caregiver for a woman with dementia.  We’ve tried many crafts, but sewing is all she can do.  We’ve made a few things, but I’m a beginner sewer myself.  I’m looking for easy patterns, any suggestions?  We’ve done pillowcases, placemats, face masks and heatable rice pouches.


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      Good for you for caring for someone with dementia!  My husband had dementia, so I know how tough it can be.

      I thought of apron or some simple bags, but then I googled “easy things to sew” and came up with all kinds of items.  Let me know if you would like some help narrowing them down.

      Bobbie Kalben


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      Ah that helps – using Google instead of Pinterest.  On Pinterest too many things are labeled “easy” when they’re not.

      I’ll browse those; thank you!!

      I’ve never sewn garments before, but bought a pattern for baby clothes – her 4th great-grandchild was born last month!!


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      There are a lot of t-shirts.  Raglan tees might be an option.  The hardest part is binding the neckline.

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