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      Our next meeting is this Saturday – March 26th at 10 am via zoom.  Contact me for the zoom link.

      We will be discussing personal style and the Kibbe body types and how they relate to personal style. Be sure to take the online quiz before the meeting and come prepared with a pattern to discuss why it may or may not fit with your personal style or changes you might make to make it work for you.

      If you haven’t done the style quiz – or maybe just want to redo it – a great suggestion is to take a picture of yourself from a straight on view wearing something close fitting. Print out the picture and trace an outline of your body shape without any of the details – just the outline. Set it aside for several days. Then when it has been out of sight for a few days, pick up the outline only and do the style quiz by looking at the outline. The outline helps you see proportions and relationships without the distraction of what your hair looked like that day.

      Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday. Call me if you have trouble accessing the meeting.

      Kate  425-495-5095

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