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      “Bier de Beers” quilt depicting famous items from Belgium.

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      Now I REALLY want to travel again.  Belgium is stop number two in our ski tours–we spend the first night in Europe in Brussels.  I love the buttons on this.  And how did you get the bottlecaps to stay put?

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      I’m proud to say that all the bottlecaps were from bottles of Belgium bier that I sampled on my trip.  My husband drilled holes on the vertical side of each bottlecap and then I sewed them onto the fabric.  No buttons on this.   Belgium is known for diamonds, bier, and lace.  The “diamonds” are glass beads with a small hole in each.  These too, were sewn on and the bowl of diamonds was encased in fine netting.   The real lace on each glass of bier is a play on words.  The pattern of foam that appears on your glass after pouring the bier is referred to as “lace”.  A bit of poetic license.  The labels I copied from the originals onto vellum and placed them onto the appropriate bier bottle.   And, the bier glasses shown are the correct shape for each of the respective biers.  Proost!

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