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      Fabrics and dress up have been an integral issue in my life, since as long as I can remember. Sewing, presentation and Art combined.  Sewing silk ties together feels good to my fingers and eyes.  Picking out colors and patterns together is very fun with men’s ties.

      After watching a guy on YouTube make a dress for himself, with a zipper in back, I decided to act on my own ideas of the same.  Diving in, I used entire ties, curating colors/patterns.  Many ties into it, the dress was twisting, due to the bias orientation.  I put it aside and moved on to another project, still mulling the orientation, the design, and a solution.

      Recently, a friend invited me to a REP play, about a drag queen doing a comeback last-last run.  Feeling adventurous, I grabbed my interesting “dress” and wrapped it around my shoulder, then fastened the side with a fancy pin.  I rode the bus downtown to the play, getting looks and a couple of compliments.  The next evening I wore it to my tango class.  When I demonstrated putting it on, it suddenly re-oriented and became a dress!  Just not in the way I imagined it! It has flow, interesting lines, shapes and patterns and colors!! and can be worn either way.  I’m now working on a swingy skirt for tango

      PS. my sewing sisters enjoy it too


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      Crazy, fun and beautiful!

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