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      Anita Yamada, Executive Director of Undaunted Women sent this inquiry to Seattle ASG.  Her hope is that some of you may be interested in helping this non-profit organization.  Consider sharing your sewing skills and knowledge and making a difference in your community.  Below is her letter.

      We need your help in finding an advisor/instructor to help with our Afghan refugee tailoring program.    Undaunted Women is a non-profit agency that helps refugees in Pierce and King Counties overcome social and economic barriers to gain self-reliance.  One of our programs is helping Afghan refugee women gain the skills of tailoring to be able to work as tailors from their homes.  We have partnered with a forward-thinking clothing company called PrimaDona and they are helping us with fabrics and projects to help the ladies achieve a level of quality that they can have gainful employment.

      We have seven ladies in our program as of now.  These ladies are all skilled in sewing, but some of them lack the training on a serger for instance or have the ability to make a garment the same size over and over.  Most of the training is to make sure the garments that are made are up to the standards of American consumers in the finishing work.

      Our ladies need an advisor/instructor who can either have small classes to teach some of these skills or be able to record such lessons so that we can have our ladies learn on-line.  Is there a way that the American Sewing Guild could help us out with this?  We would really appreciate any help in this matter.  We would also love our seven ladies to be able to become mentors for other refugee women who will be in our next group of tailors once they have been trained and mastered these skills.

      Thanks so much for your help.  Please feel free to contact me by phone also.  I look forward to hearing from you.

      Anita Yamada, Executive Director


      anita@undauntedwomen.org    (253)686-7233


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